Graduate Council Update: January 2011

Jon Bernard '08 January 22, 2011 Graduate Council, The Now And Ever

At last October’s Homecoming, the following Graduate Council officers were elected: Shawn Brown ’97, President; John Sayers ’81, Vice President; Scott Berg ’05, Treasurer; and John Faber ’77, Secretary. (Board of Governors chair Charles Drubel ’05 serves as an ex officio member.)

From Brother Brown: “Through the years, Phi Chapter’s alumni organization has been nationally recognized for its outstanding work, and it is our job to earn and improve that reputation. To do this, we’ll need your help. We’ll be calling on you to help make Phi Kappa Tau strong through your time and your treasure. We hope you can participate as a volunteer, a donor, an attendee at events, as a provider of advice—any way you can.

“Grad Council officers will be making a strong commitment to strengthen our social,communications and fundraising programs. To that end, Curtis Wadsworth ’96 and Doug Sicchitano ’00 have been named social chairs to plan events through the year to join our Homecoming Tailgate. The first new event was a holiday get-together in Pittsburgh.

“In addition, we will be gearing up communications, not only in time-tested manners but also using new social media. Under the guidance of Jon Bernard ’08, we will be creating an improved chapter website, where you will be able to update your information and connect with your brothers.”

Finally, since we can’t grow and thrive without regular fundraising efforts, we will once again be asking for support for the chapter via Graduate Council dues. Please fill out the enclosed card and return with your payment today!

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