Harvard Red & Old Gold Club Update: January 2011

Jon Bernard '08 January 22, 2011 Harvard Red and Old Gold Club, The Now And Ever

From HROG President Mike Holzworth ‘99: “As you know, the main focus of our three alumni organizations (Graduate Council, the Board of Governors and the Harvard Red and Old Gold Club) is to maintain the vitality of our chapter. The best way to do this is to make sure that the Resident Council members get the support they need to recruit good men into the fraternity—then help those good men become better.

“HROG serves a special role here as the funder for the educational development of our chapter. From sending student brothers to Leadership Academy, hosting on-campus leadership weekends and funding academic scholarships, HROG is vital in the development of our chapter. If you were a student in the last 20 years, chances are very good that you directly benefited from the opportunities that HROG provides.

“Make no mistake. Those opportunities were only available because a group of forward-thinking brothers cared enough to make it happen. If you are already a member of HROG, thank you. Your commitment to the chapter is appreciated and your investment is doing good work for our chapter and the broader Bethany community. If you are not already a member, you are in luck, because good seats are still available!

“Soon we will send out a mailing with details on joining the club, plus info on our annual meeting April 30. I hope you’ll join me and the HROG officers there – VP Jon Vogel ‘95, newly-appointed Treasurer Tom Skena ‘85 and Secretary Charles Drubel ‘05—as we celebrate the memory of longtime HROG officer Dick Meess.”

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