Grad Council Meeting & Homecoming Tailgate

Shawn Brown '97 September 21, 2011 Alumni News, Chapter News, Graduate Council

Brothers old and young, you are hereby formally invited to Phi Chapter’s Kick Ass BBQ at Bethany’s Homecoming 2011 on October 8th. Under our tent (in the parking lot of Hummel Field House) you will find fellowship served with a side of BBQ pulled pork and chicken. Vegetarian options will be available as well for those so inclined.

As is tradition, we will be holding the annual Phi Chapter Graduate Council meeting directly before this event at 9:30 AM at the Phi Chapter Fraternity House. At the meeting we will be giving updates on all of our alumni and undergraduate organizations, as well as discussing old and new business. All members of the Graduate Council are welcome to attend the meeting, coffee and light breakfast food will be served.

Families are welcomed at the tailgate. Bring a big appetite as we will be making a boatload of food. Soft drinks and water will be available. However, the only thing we’re serving that’s intoxicating is Curt Wadsworth’s laugh, so you’re on your own when it comes to beers (cooler space will be available).


For more information, please contact Brother Curtis Wadsworth at

Hope to see you all there,
Phi Chapter Graduate Council

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