Phi Chapter 90th Anniversary Reunion Registration


This is the registration package you’ve been anxiously awaiting! It’s for the Phi Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau 90th Anniversary celebration. As you know, this event is planned for November 1—3, 2013 at Bethany College. As you can see from the details on this brochure, things are coming together nicely. We’re planning all the usual activities, plus a helping of general fellowship, singing, war stories … you know, FUN! 

To go along with those tall tales, we are looking for memorabilia to be put on display. If you have any, please give us a call. We will even have child care services available for the kids. I strongly encourage you send in your registration now! Also, call the Gresham House/Mountainside Conference Center at (304) 829-4343 to make your room reservation. Make sure you tell them you are with the Phi Tau reunion or they will tell you that they don’t have any rooms available. Many of you haven’t been back to Bethany in a long time. Now is your chance to see how it has and hasn’t changed.

Please fill out the registration form below. Also, think about those Brothers that you want to see at the reunion and call them up, e-mail them or harass them into coming. It’s the event of the year!!!

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