Resident Council

Welcome to the Phi Chapter of The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity website! Here you will find information about our Resident Council members as well as our alumni organizations and upcoming events.

Phi Chapter has a long and proud history of enhancing the education of the young men of Bethany College in Bethany, West Virginia, with the unique experience that only a fraternity with “a mark of distinction” can provide. Our membership is defined by excellence in academics, leadership, and social life. We live by our principles and truly strive to make good men better. Phi Chapter helps its members to make the absolute best of their years at Bethany College.

After graduation, brothers stay involved with the chapter through several alumni organization that continue to improve the brotherhood of Phi Chapter. The Graduate Council, Board of Governers, and the Harvard Red and Old Gold Club are just a few ways graduates are a part of everyday life at Phi Chapter.

The Phi Chapter is located on New Parkinson Hill (Greek Hill) on the campus of Bethany College. We love visits from both alumni members and non-members alike.

Chapter News

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