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John Sayers ‘81 April 19, 2012 Alumni News, Harvard Red and Old Gold Club

Brothers, as I am sure you already know, the Harvard Red and Old Gold Club is here to help the brothers of the resident council develop into better leaders. This effort is directed towards the benefit of our brothers themselves, our chapter, our college and the broader community. In the words of our founder Don Dallas, we are attempting to “Make Good Men Better.” I am very pleased to report that 2011 was a great year in the business of “Making Good Men Better,” and we look forward to continuing this momentum in 2012.

Last year, we saw a change in the educational approach of the National Fraternity. The fraternity is offering more educational and leadership development opportunities than ever before. We welcome and support this effort, but it provides a challenge to our organization. More programs require more funding, and we really believe that it is our responsibility to provide these opportunities to our undergraduate brothers. This is not the case in most chapters across the country. Phi Chapter is special, HROG is special, and we are delivering on this ambitious mission. But this is only possible with your support.

What can you do to help? Well I’m glad you asked. If you are not already a member of the Harvard Red and Old Gold club, you could join. This would mean joining the 127 existing members of the club by pledging $1,000 to support our chapter. If you are already a member (thank you, by the way), you can continue to support our mission by helping fund our three permanent endowments. Technically, we fully funded the World War II Scholarship this year and are now working to honor the memories and
fully endow the scholarships named for brothers Don Dallas and Dick Meess.

If you are one of the men who joined the club in 2011 or someone who continued to fulfill you commitment or has gone above and beyond your initial pledge to continue supporting the chapter, we appreciate your support. We could not continue in our mission without your generous contributions, and we really appreciate your commitment to the chapter.

Here is to a happy, healthy and productive 2012 for all! We hope to see you at our annual meeting May 5th at Bethany.

Mike Holzworth ‘99
HROG President

HROG 2011 By the Numbers

Spent supporting educational & leadership projects: $4,303
New Members: 3
Greg Waite, David Street, Ben Brownlee
Members who completed their $1,000 commitment: 7
Amount Contributed to Named Funds
Dick Meess Fund: $2,785
WWII Memorial Fund, now fully endowed: $1,860

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